333 NYC is a streetwear brand that seeks to de-stigmatize the negative connotation behind “mental health”. 

Mental health is more than just a diagnosis. It affects how we view ourselves, our world, and inevitably impacts our reality. It not only has the capability to motivate us, but it can also empower us to thrive against all obstacles with a sense of gratitude and hope.

In numerology, “333” is symbolic of divine support, encouragement, and protection. We believe in the power of our thoughts and the undeniable importance of aligning them to support ourselves as well as our personally defined version of success.

We all have our own unique story of struggle and this is what bonds us. As we support ourselves, we also aim to support those who share a similar journey. This is why 20% of all proceeds are donated to charities focused on educating and aiding a deeper understanding of mental health.

Our goal is to help others change the way they look at life by changing the way they look at mental health.

Support by shopping, donating or sharing your story.


Mad love always,