Proceeds from your purchase are donated to the youth mental health project with the goal of destigmatizing mental health by teaching the next generation to prioritize it

The Youth Mental Health Project is a group of individuals who believe that mental health is imperative to all health. The charity empowers young people, parents, and caring adults with the practical knowledge, support and resources they need to nurture their children’s mental health and intervene when they recognize warning signs.


YMHP believes that mental health lies on a continuum and includes our emotional, psychological and social well-being. Important at every stage of life, mental health affects the way a person thinks, feels, relates to others, and behaves. Just like physical health, mental health can and does shift, change, or evolve throughout a person’s life.


Through speaking events, parent support networks, film screenings and practical tools the Youth Mental Health Project is changing the way the next generation prioritizes their mental health by educating this generation on its importance.


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